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Process Mapping: How do You Measure Process Improvement?

Posted by Chrissy Noble on 20/03/18 10:20

Process mapping and cost to benefit value is an important aspect of any business but how do you measure process improvement? So many businesses fail to document their ‘as is’ process or consider their ‘to be’ method. In 2017, the UK was home to 5.7 million private sector businesses. When undertaking a project, every company’s goal is to see the best return on investment (ROI) and to do this a business needs to perform a cost benefit analysis (CBA).

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Topics: Increasing ROI, Process Mapping

Employee commitment: Why the Problem May Not be Employees

Posted by Emma Harris on 15/03/18 10:39

Inconsistent working is such a common problem. Generally, the larger the organisation the more scope there is for people to do the same thing in different ways, but it’s a problem for small organisations too. Basically, as soon as you get two people doing the same thing, there is scope for them to be doing it differently. And you can generally bet that they will be - but does this mean that employee commitment is lacking?

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Topics: Process Mapping, BPM

10 Ways to Reduce Waste With Lean Continuous Improvement

Posted by Emma Harris on 13/03/18 15:55

When trying to implement Lean continuous improvement projects, quality managers often ask themselves how to cut waste effectively in their organisation. Unsurprisingly, wasteful processes may slow down efficiency - consequently costing a business time and money.

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Topics: Process Improvement, BPM

How Will Process Mapping Help an Enterprise Resource Planning System?

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 07/03/18 11:42

Getting the implementation of an ERP system right is a complex project. Process Mapping is often used to help streamline this development and to ensure that the resulting Enterprise Resource Planning system supports the business, rather than the other way round.

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Topics: Process Improvement, Process Mapping

Lean Project Management: 5 Tips to Transform Your Organisation 

Posted by Erica Silva on 01/03/18 12:48

Lean project management is a response to classic problems within organisations that slow down efficiency. Taking advantages of the principles of lean can mean that the example problem below is solved through efficiency gains...

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How this Successful Process Improvement Example Resulted in £350k Savings [Infographic]

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 27/02/18 12:15

Successful process improvement examples are often hard to come by. Tangible information about real-life savings remains difficult to access. Many businesses refrain from sharing their Process Management results, leading to a lack of transparency in terms of monetary savings within the continual improvement market.

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Topics: Increasing ROI, Process Improvement

How Much Do the Triaster Online Platform and BPM Services Cost?

Posted by Emma Harris on 22/02/18 12:27

The starting cost of the Triaster Online Platform can be easily found on our website, as it comes in three clearly priced and easy to understand systems (Start-up, Standard and Professional).

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Topics: BPM

Triaster Business Process Management Review: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Posted by Jo Dolton on 20/02/18 10:41

Over the past year or so, Triaster has introduced a new method of assessing customer satisfaction. Essentially, we are working to align the level of customer satisfaction with the things that are most important to our customers. That's why we  are now compiling customised Business Process Management reviews, that allow us to understand our customers' satisfaction against their expressed satisfaction criteria which enables us to deliver the best BPM platform and services we can.

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Topics: Process Improvement

Process Mapping Techniques: 6 Methods to Create Process Maps

Posted by Michael Cousins on 15/02/18 12:26

To create a process map, one must capture the content of the process, and then transcribe that content onto a process mapping system.The focus of this article is squarely on providing 6 different process mapping techniques for capturing the content used to create a process map - this is how to document a process.

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Topics: Process Mapping

How Cloud BPM Creates Business Process Improvement Opportunities

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 13/02/18 10:38

In the past decade, business process improvement technology has developed rapidly. In the face of such rapid expansion, Business Process Management software systems have had to grow and improve by offering cloud BPM services. Many organisations however, are not aware of the improvement opportunities of cloud-based BPM systems.

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Topics: Process Improvement

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