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How to Get the Best Return on Investment From 6 Common Business Goals

Posted by Michael Cousins on 28/03/17 12:30

Of concern to senior managers in nearly all organisations is that resources are invested in those projects that deliver the best return on investment. The long term potential of an organisation rests in the ability of senior management to make these investment decisions well...

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Topics: Increasing ROI, Process Improvement

How to Produce a Process Improvement Model That's Actually Successful

Posted by Michael Cousins on 23/03/17 10:31

Since the introduction of software tools in the 1990's that enabled the desktop production of business diagrams, literally billions has been spent producing countless numbers of flowcharts, process maps and flow diagrams. But to what measure do they demonstrate a successful process improvement model?

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Topics: Process Improvement, Process Mapping

Develop A Quality Management Strategy: 2 Failures You Can Learn From (Video)

Posted by Brad Fagan on 22/03/17 11:40

Failure can often teach you more than success can. Like Thomas Edison said, 'I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work'.  The concept of total quality management focuses on continuous improvement and this, along with the embedding of a quality culture, is the single most useful focus for framing quality management strategy.

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How to Prep a Great Virtual Process Mapping Workshop

Posted by Emma Harris on 17/03/17 14:07

If you work for a global organisation, sometimes you just can’t get everyone in the same room for a process mapping workshop, so the only answer is to set up a virtual Process Mapping Workshop. In this article, we explore how to run a successful workshop when everyone can't be in the same room.

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Topics: Process Mapping

5 Process Mapping Tips: Getting People On Board, Not Making them Bored

Posted by Emma Harris on 16/03/17 13:26

Getting people on board with process mapping while not making them bored, is one of the hardest tasks in a Business Management System implementation. Too often, we trip over ourselves up at the start line due to poor preperation or in knowing how the systems work, but not the people

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How to Connect Your Mobile Workforce With Your In-house One

Posted by Brad Fagan on 15/03/17 15:47

Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) is a crucial element in monitoring, tracking and organising your employees in the field. However, having a Workforce Management solution is only one part of establishing an effective on-site crew. You also want them to have full buy-in and use of your Integrated Management System (IMS).

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Topics: BPM

What Is Business Process Management? Helping You Nail the Terminology

Posted by Brad Fagan on 10/03/17 11:40

What is Business Process Management? The world of BPM can be a strange and unnerving one, full of acronyms like BPM, BPMN, BPMS etc... and if you're not careful you can find yourself getting lost in the jargon of terms such as As-Is, Bottlenecks, Deliverables and Activities. 

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Housing Associations: How to Thrive in an Era of Revenue Cuts

Posted by Emma Harris on 09/03/17 11:47

As anyone working for a housing association knows, these are testing times. Revenues are being squeezed like never before. However along with great challenges, great opportunities arise and although it might not feel like it, now is a time of great opportunity for housing associations.

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Topics: Process Improvement

What is a Process? The Anatomy of a Process Explored

Posted by Terry Giles [Guest Post] on 08/03/17 10:31

The terms process mapping, process improvement and business processes are used all the time by quality and improvement professionals; but what is a process? Triaster partner, Terry Giles, from Terry AG Consulting (previously Information Risk Analyst for Barclays Direct amongst others) explains.

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This is How to Get the Best ROI From Process Mapping Software

Posted by Emma Harris on 03/03/17 13:56

We all want to get the best ROI possible from any business purchases. Being sure of the value of purchases is critical to getting the best ROI from your process mapping software and convincing stakeholders to greenlight the purchase.

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Topics: Increasing ROI