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What is Document Management?

Posted by Terry Giles on 28/11/18 11:49

At a workshop which I recently attended, the question, 'what is meant by document management?' was asked. It is a good question, which I both explore and answer in this article.

Firstly though, what is a document?

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How to Build Your Business Case for BPM: Getting Budget

Posted by Emma Harris on 31/10/18 14:20

"I know that our organisation will really benefit from a BPM system, but I am having real trouble securing budget for one."

Is this how you feel? If so, it probably means that your business case is not getting buy-in from the Senior Management Team (SMT), because it is not persuading them that the returns on the investment required are of sufficient value.

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How to ensure that Continuous Improvement Delivers Positive Change

Posted by Terry Giles on 25/09/18 11:34

How much change is too much change? During my time as a Quality Professional this question has been one I have struggled with.

 On the one hand continuity of a process will lead to a consistent output,  however section 10.3 of ISO 9001:2015 extols us to continually improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system.


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How do Universities Approach Process Improvement?

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 29/08/18 10:05

The administration of universities and the way education is being provided has shifted in recent years to the adoption of business process improvement principles that were historically the domain of manufacturing companies and, more recently, the service industry. 

This focus has seen some noticeable changes to the delivery of education services such as viewing students as customers and a noticeable commitment to programmes that improve quality and efficiency.

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Lean Vs Kaizen Vs Six Sigma

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 24/07/18 10:32

Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma. All three are business improvement methodologies and all three owe their origins to improvement initiatives in the Japanese and American manufacturing industries of the 20th Century. However, although all three have similarities, each should be understood before any are applied.

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What is Continuous Improvement? A Simple Guide

Posted by Brad Fagan on 20/06/18 10:15

Continuous improvement is an ongoing, long-term approach to improving processes, products and services.

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What is Business Process Management and Improvement?

Posted by Emma Harris on 15/06/18 10:17

Business Process Management can be defined as a method used to capture, manage and analyse an organisation's business processes in order to allow for a standardised way of working that can be organised and shared throughout an organisation.

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Process Mapping Checklist: How to Make an Accurate Process Map

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 07/06/18 16:48

If you want to make process maps that are actually useful, then you'll need to know how to capture your business processes accurately, and visualise that information correctly using a process map that is easy to understand and apply to your business. This is why I created a downloadable process mapping checklist - so you can check off the appropriate steps as you go and come out at the other end with an effective, accurate process map.

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10 Steps to a Successful Business Process Management Implementation

Posted by Emma Harris on 01/06/18 15:10

All organisations and teams investing a great deal of time and money in their Business Process Management implementation, want to know that it will be used by its intended end users.

We have set out the ten most important steps to take during implementation to help ensure that it will be.

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Process Mapping Symbols: The Key to Making Process Maps

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 24/05/18 14:20

The importance of process mapping symbols can be difficult to comprehend when you're new to process mapping, but the impact of understanding a process map and the symbols used to assign value in each process step can completely change the way your organisation looks at business improvement.

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