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How Much Does the Triaster Online Platform and BPM Services Cost?

Posted by Emma Harris on 22/02/18 12:27

The starting cost of the Triaster Online Platform and BPM Services can be easily found on our website, as it comes in three clearly priced and easy to understand systems (Start-up, Standard and Professional).

However, certain services can be upgraded and downgraded and there are additional services to suit specific needs, so determining the actual cost for your organisation requires understanding of the specific BPM software system and services that you need to meet your objectives.

To help you with this, in this article I have explored both standard pricing plans and custom options giving you an indication of what each is needed for...

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Triaster Business Process Management Review: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Posted by Jo Dolton on 20/02/18 10:41

Over the past year or so, Triaster has introduced a new method of assessing customer satisfaction. Essentially, we are working to align the level of customer satisfaction with the things that are most important to our customers. That's why we  are now compiling customised Business Process Management reviews, that allow us to understand our customers' satisfaction against their expressed satisfaction criteria which enables us to deliver the best BPM platform and services we can.

In this article we explain our Business Process Management reviews, reveal the results thus far and encourage our customers to start the Customer Satisfaction Survey process (if they haven't already).

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Process Mapping Techniques: 6 Methods to Create Process Maps

Posted by Michael Cousins on 15/02/18 12:26

To create a process map, one must capture the content of the process, and then transcribe that content onto a process mapping system.The focus of this article is squarely on providing 6 different process mapping techniques for capturing the content used to create a process map - this is how to document a process.

The process mapping methodology you employ will be depend heavily on the size of your organisation, team culture, resources available and good old personal preference.

So what are the 6 main process mapping techniques?

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How Cloud BPM Creates Business Process Improvement Opportunities

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 13/02/18 10:38

In the past decade, business process improvement technology has developed rapidly. In the face of such rapid expansion, Business Process Management software systems have had to grow and improve by offering cloud BPM services. Many organisations however, are not aware of the improvement opportunities of cloud-based BPM systems.

In fact, some organisations are still using paper-based processes, which is a little like showing up with a horse and cart to drag race a Ferrari. So if you want to understand more about how cloud BPM systems can offer a seriously needed performance boost to your business process improvement initiative then continue reading...

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 What is Process Mapping, Who Does it and Why Use it?

Posted by Emma Harris on 06/02/18 12:30

Who uses process map software? People who want to improve their organisations - it's as simple as that. If you are seeking business improvement, it's important to remember that optimising what you already do can have a much larger business improvement influence than just about anything else. That's why process mapping is still the king of business improvement and ROI. So what is process mapping, who does it and why use it? Let's start from the beginning...

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Problems with Continuous Improvement: Achieving Employee Buy In

Posted by Emma Harris on 31/01/18 15:47

One of the biggest problems with continuous improvement when implementing a Business Management Sustem is achieving employee buy in, i.e. for the employees to follow the agreed processes.

At Triaster, we work with many different organisations from many different sectors, but getting their employees to use their Business Process Management system and follow the correct process is always a challenge.

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7 Steps to Improve Business Performance: Baldrige Excellence Framework

Posted by Brenda Lopez on 29/01/18 11:28

In order to stay relevant and competitive, organisations have to find ways to improve business performance across the board; one of the best ways of succeeding is with continuous process improvement. Brenda Lopez, Business Process Consultant, National Baldrige Examiner and Certified Green Belt Lean Six Sigma, explains the Baldrige Excellence Framework and how it can be exactly what the business doctor ordered when trying to improve business performance... 

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How to Implement Value Stream Mapping Software in a BPM System

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 24/01/18 09:49
If you are looking for examples of how to use value stream mapping software, you have come to the right place. In essence, Value Stream Mapping is a lean manufacturing technique which allows you to document, analyse and improve your business processes. 'Process', in this context, refers to the flow of information as well as materials required to produce a product or service for a potential consumer.
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Advanced Robots vs Advanced AI and Their Impact on a Process

Posted by Terry Giles on 18/01/18 10:34

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about the impact advanced robots will have on future human employment. Part of this discussion has moved into the field of advanced AI and how it may impact employment in non-manual labour areas.

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BPM 2018: Top 10 BPM Industry Trends This Year

Posted by Pedro Robledo on 16/01/18 11:09

BPM 2018 - how will it be different from 2017 and what are the top 10 BPM industry trends that will shape the future of process management?

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