How Much Does Quality Management software Cost: Pricing & Budgeting

Emma Harris

If you are building a business case for a Quality Management System, or perhaps just doing a preliminary investigation into what’s available, the cost of the Quality Management software is a key piece of information.

Unfortunately getting QMS software costs is often harder than expected, requiring quite a lot of time talking to vendors who instead of giving you the answer, start off by asking you all sorts of questions.

This is not just the vendors being awkward; software solutions are usually sold in flexible packages that can, and should, be tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.

Unfortunately though, this means that the initial answer to the question, ‘how much does quality management software cost?’ is almost always, ‘well, it depends on what you want.’


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In this article, however, we are going to try and make it as easy as possible to get Quality Management software costs, by setting out:

Considerations for costing Quality Management software

Virtually all software is sold with the following options:

  • Software
  • Support and maintenance
  • Services

In determining what you want – and therefore how much it will cost - you need to think about your requirements for all three.

So looking at each in turn:

Quality Management Software Licensing

Software is purchased by buying a licence. Licences can be sold as ‘perpetual’ or ‘term’ licences:

  • A perpetual licence lasts forever (in perpetuity)
  • A term licence lasts for the period of the licence purchased

With software now generally being delivered through the cloud, many software vendors no longer offer perpetual licences.

With term licences, you need to decide:

  • How long you want to use the software for
  • Which licence option is most relevant to your organisation

The options available are specific to each software vendor and typically will be classed according to the functionality offered and the number of users (both of the software users and the viewers of the Quality Management system).

Support and Maintenance for Quality Management Software

Support is help desk support – support available when you have a query with the software, either regarding how to use it or when it isn’t working. Often, software vendors separate e-mail from telephone help desk and charge different costs for each.


Maintenance is on-going software releases to keep your software current and compatible with other software. For example, the minimum system requirements for Triaster software include Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. These are updated frequently. Maintenance releases are therefore needed to keep Triaster software compatible. Maintenance releases also address any software issues.

Maintenance is essential, but Support is optional – although generally recommended.

Services for Quality Management Software

This is where the options really start to ramp up and in order to decide what you need, you have to think both about what you are wanting to achieve and the resources that you have available to enable you to do so.

It may be that you are purely looking for a software platform, but even so, on-boarding services are often obligatory or if not, highly recommended.


It is tempting to try and reduce external costs by cutting down on the services purchased; however be cautious, this can be a false economy.

In order to ensure that your Quality Management system achieves what you need it to, time will need to be spent on both the implementation of the system and delivering on your specific end objectives. If services aren’t purchased from an external supplier, they will need to be delivered from internal resources, which of course still have a cost.

So in summary, what you need to think about in order to determine the cost of any Quality Management software is as follows:

  • Software
  • Support and maintenance
  • Services


  • What functionality do I need?
  • What delivery method will my IT decision makers agree to? On-site? Cloud based?
  • On what basis is the software licenced? Number of users, number of viewers, etc?
  • On what basis are the software licences sold? Perpetual (lasts forever) or subscription (lasts for the period of the licence purchased)?

If the answer to the last question is subscription, there will be an on-going cost, so this must be determined as well as the first year cost.

Support and maintenance

  • What help desk support is provided at what cost? E-mail? Phone? Both?
  • What is the cost of keeping my software current?

If a separate cost is charged for support and maintenance, it is likely to be charged on an annual basis, adding to both the first year and on-going cost.


  • What are the on-boarding services? Are these required? Recommended?
  • What optional services do I need for a successful implementation?

How much does Quality Management Software cost?

Triaster is a Business Process Management (BPM) platform, offering Start-Up, Standard and Professional systems.

These three systems deliver Process Mapping, Quality Management, Business Process Management and Continual Improvement according to your needs.


For details of Triaster systems please click here.

Many Triaster customers have started with a Start-Up Quality Management system, scoped to cover just Health, Safety and Environment processes (HSE), and then extended the system well beyond the HSE department into a Standard business wide platform, linking Quality with Business Process Management and ultimately driving Business Improvement with a Professional system.

Each system contains a bundle of software, offered on a term licence basis only and according to the functionality that you want. For the full list of software features offered by each system please click here.

Full Maintenance is included in the cost of all three Triaster systems. Help desk support varies depending on the system purchased.

The number of viewers of each Triaster system is unlimited, so you don’t need to know the intended number of viewers of your Quality processes.

The year one and two costs for the average Triaster customer are as follows:


The lower range for each option is the cost for a cloud hosted system, purchased with set-up or on-boarding services only.

The highest range price for each option, is for an on-premises server (where the option is available), set-up or on-boarding services and the optional Triaster services most commonly purchased with each system:

Start-Up QMS:

2 days Process Mapping training

Standard QMS:

  • Brand customisation of the Process Map Stencil and Template and some bespoke shapes (Standard option)
  • Bespoke front-end design
  • Full mobile devices set up
  • Communications templates and content (Standard option package)

Professional QMS:

  • Brand customisation of the Process Map Stencil and Template and some bespoke shapes (standard option)
  • Bespoke front end design
  • Full mobile devices set up
  • Report creation and customisation
  • Analytics enablement

For the full list of services offered by Triaster please click here.


Has this helped?

We hope that this has helped to at least give you an idea of the cost of Quality Management software purchased from Triaster. Also the factors that you will need to think about in order to estimate pricing when talking to any other Quality Management software vendor.

If you would like to discuss anything in this article or about Triaster Systems and pricing we would love to hear from you. Please either phone 0870 402 1234, e-mail or click here:

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This is an updated version of an article originally published in March 2016.

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Written by Emma Harris

Emma was Operations Director for Triaster for nearly 20 years, during which time as well as learning and perfecting her BPM and process improvement skills, she honed her inbound marketing expertise. She now runs D2e - Designed to engage - which designs and develops bespoke, engaging, HubSpot CMS websites, that help your entire company to grow and scale. She is delighted to still be delivering Triaster's marketing, whilst also helping other companies turn their websites into their hardest working asset.