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The Process Library Checklist: Integrate Your Team With Your Process Software

Posted by Brad Fagan on 21/07/17 10:20

Triaster customers find our Process Library Go Live checklists very useful. They know that for their Business Management System (BMS) to deliver the most value it must have what we call the 3 'U's - being Useful, Usable and Used.

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How to Process Map: A Simple Whiteboard Tutorial (Video)

Posted by Brad Fagan on 17/07/17 13:24

Business Process Mapping can be surprisingly complex and it can also relatively easy depending on what level you are mapping to, how you are capturing the process and what you are using it to show.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to process map in a simple and easy way, keeping the process high level while also providing you with all the information you need to map in a more complex manner.

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Business Improvement Techniques: How to Display Waste Within a Process

Posted by Michael Cousins on 11/07/17 17:28

Understanding how to capture your wasteful business processes is one of the most useful business improvement techniques you can learn. Why is this? Because identifying bottlenecks, modelling improvement and then fixing the problem is the core of Business Process Improvement. This article is essentially a tutorial to show you how to find your wasteful processes and display them using process mapping software.

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What is Business Improvement? The Evolution of Improvement Concepts

Posted by Brad Fagan on 07/07/17 12:37

If I asked you, 'what is business improvement?', you might reply with something simple like 'improving business performance'. This might include targeting ROI, cutting out business waste, or harnessing the latest tech innovations such as automation. You could throw around buzz words such as 'business transformation', 'continual improvement' or 'business intelligence' - but as business has changed, the definition of business improvement has also changed and the box of stuff you need to make those improvements happen has gotten a whole lot larger.

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How to Develop a Quality Strategy/6 Advantages of Quality Control

Posted by Carma Cooper on 05/07/17 11:03

We all know when something is poor quality, but agreeing what quality is and more specifically how to implement a quality strategy in your organisation is harder to define than it may look at first glance.

In this article I am going to explore what quality means, how best to achieve it in your organisation and the advantages of quality control.

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The Big 3 Problems & Uses of BPM Software in 2017 According to Users

Posted by Brad Fagan on 30/06/17 11:46

A recent research report from Software Advice uncovered two very interesting user trends – one uncovers the 3 major problems BPM software users are facing, the other deals with the 3 most important functions of BPM software according to users.

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Before You Buy Business Process Management Software: 7 Key Questions

Posted by Isobel Witts on 27/06/17 15:20

At Triaster, we understand that choosing to implement a Business Process Management software will be a big investment, and having the correct information close to hand is an integral part of looking for a Business Process Management System (BPM) for your organisation. We've used our experience in this industry to put together a list of the most important questions you need to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a BPM system.

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Process Costing: A Simple Method to Find How Much Your Processes Cost

Posted by Michael Cousins on 21/06/17 11:42

In virtually every organization one of the key aims is to save your business money through process costing and the identification of more efficient processes. Cost is one example of a quantitative metric and the advice outlined in this article applies equally to any quantitative metric, for example one could just as easily focus on amount of effort involved, numbers of people, elapsed time from start to finish, the amount of defects introduced, the amount of customer complaints received and so on...

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A Beginner's Guide to Business Process Mapping: 10 Steps for Success

Posted by Brad Fagan on 19/06/17 12:06

One of the big problems with business process improvement is it's hard to know exactly where to start. Business Process Mapping can be particularly confusing for the uninitiated and is not simply as easy as 1,2,3. Because of this I've created a 10 step beginner's guide video (that's enough numbers right?) to help you to hit the ground running in your process improvement journey.

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What are the Best Practices for Process Mapping?

Posted by Joel Evans on 14/06/17 11:01

Business Process Mapping is an extremely valuable skill to have because of the impact it has on process efficiency. However, there is a lot of information out there on process mapping techniques and not all of it is helpful or useful. I have taught many people how to process map and run process mapping workshops over the years and I have condensed this into a blog containing the best practices.

So let's get started shall we?

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