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20 Business Improvement Experts Give Their Golden Rule For Success

Posted by Brad Fagan on 19/09/17 16:11

 Recently, I asked 20 respected Business Improvement experts to give their view on the number one golden rule for achieving success with any Business Improvement project.

I wanted to see if there was

1: A consistent practice for business improvement success and;

2: A way of helping others to prioritise the most important aspects of improvement projects.

I am happy to say that you will be able to identify both in this article.

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Get Best Return On Investment From Business Process Mapping Software

Posted by Emma Harris on 14/09/17 12:10

When looking at Business Process Mapping Software, the expected return on investment (ROI) is absolutely central to our decision to buy any software. We want to be confident of a substantial return on both the cost of the software and all the time spent using it.

What’s more, we probably need to quantify the expected return in order to secure budget for the software purchase and the project that it is to be used for.

There is no dispute that process mapping is one of the pivotal BPM tools, central to any improvement initiative, but you shouldn't just look for a process mapping tool, you should be looking to find software that offers the best return on investment for your Process Mapping projects - here's how to do just that...

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GDPR Compliance: Why You Need to Get Your House in Order

Posted by Brad Fagan on 12/09/17 11:39

Are you on your way to GDPR compliance? The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, is a robust, 88-page regulation which is a game changer in privacy law and will almost certainly affect how organisations do business if they control the data of any EU citizen.

The new regulation was created to give consumers a greater say in how their personal data is used and bring current data protection legislation up to date. The idea is that by doing this, businesses are given a simpler, clearer legal environment within which to operate. The purpose of this article is to give you a GDPR summary and help you get GDPR compliant.

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The 4 Essential Pillars of Business Continual Improvement  [Infographic]

Posted by Brad Fagan on 07/09/17 14:17

Everyone wants to meet KPIs, to constantly improve, but Continual Improvement in business is easier said than done. Often, if you view improvement on a graph, it will look a bit like an up and down zig zag — you will get good months and bad months.

The process approach to Continual Improvement is about modelling increases in an organisation’s process efficiency and keeping the swings down, creating more control and increasing productivity with incremental change.

It is important to keep in mind that there is always room to improve efficiency no matter how high the uptick is going.

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Better Supply Chain Management: Keep Your Management System Secure & Open

Posted by Michael Cousins on 05/09/17 10:46

Supply Chain Management can be a logistical nightmare. Communication with entities outside the business and even different operating units within the same organisation can prove challenging without the type of secure management system that allows organisations to have the flexibility to share their sensitive information with those who need to see it.

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10 Business Improvement Techniques Successful Businesses Have in Common

Posted by Brad Fagan on 31/08/17 13:04

It takes more than a superstar business improvement professional, the world's best process improvement methodology or even the world's most user friendly Business Management System to create real, lasting business improvement.

There is no one thought, technique or methodology that will improve your business but there are certain business improvement techniques that when harnessed together and implemented correctly, will ensure business success.

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What Good Are Your Process Maps if Nobody Uses Them? 5 Integration Tips

Posted by Brad Fagan on 29/08/17 11:56

I wrote this 'process mapping how to' guide because I've heard more than one dejected process maps enthusiast say “I’ve invested X amount of money/time/resources on a project to get all of our processes mapped out and now that it is complete nobody is using them!” Process Mapping is still the most successful business improvement tool providing the most useful ROI benefits for any company and can be used by anybody but when you can't get them used organisation-wide, all the improvement methodologies in the world aren't going to help your processes improve.

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How to Calculate ROI on a Project Using Business Process Management (Video)

Posted by Brad Fagan on 24/08/17 12:24

If you are trying to work out how to calculate ROI on a project, you may want to look at the potential cost savings that Business Process Management can provide - the results can be very surprising.

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The 7 Wastes Killing Efficiency: How to Identify Your Wasteful Processes

Posted by Michael Cousins on 22/08/17 11:34
The most important place to start with the question of how to identify, capture and cut the 7 wastes that kill business efficiency is to clearly differentiate Activities from Deliverable s in the processes that your organisation performs.

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How to create a Process Map in 3 simple steps

Posted by Joel Evans on 17/08/17 12:17

Process Maps are the absolute superhero of the Business Improvement landscape and can be used for a multitude of purposes including:

  • Distinguishing ambiguous or uncertain problems
  • Analysis for process improvement
  • Training new starters
  • Refresher training
  • Displaying compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Trimming unnecessary steps
  • Circulating best practice…
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