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Change Management vs Continuous Improvement: Which is best for you?

Posted by Brad Fagan on 19/10/17 11:49

Change management and continuous improvement are sometimes used interchangeably to describe transformational changes to a business or its way of working. However, these terms are focused on very different change strategies, and the method you choose will depend on how you want the changes to be made and how much of a cultural upheaval your company can tolerate. Often a combination of these two is the best approach.

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The Process Improvement Catch 22: The Law of Unintended Consequences

Posted by Terry Giles [Guest Post] on 16/10/17 11:43

There are many ways that process mapping can be used in an organisation to improve how that organisation works, but the one use that I have found to be the most productive is to model the 'what if' scenario. The law of unintended consequences comes in to play in too many efforts to drive improvement, particularly when improvements are driven on a local basis.

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3 Time-Saving Tips for Microsoft Visio Process Mapping

Posted by Brad Fagan on 11/10/17 15:40

Over the years I have worked with lots of different businesses both training on how to process map, and also creating business process maps myself. I have also held an internal auditor position where I was responsible for maintaining and auditing business process maps. As a result of this, I completely empathise with anyone who spends time using Visio Process Mapping.

Microsoft Visio is a great tool, which provides the user with masses of functionality, but I’ve found that this is sometimes a drawback. With there being so much useful functionality, how do you know what to use? And when? And for what purpose?

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10 Business Improvement Techniques to Stop Wasting Money

Posted by Emma Harris on 10/10/17 12:29

Having an effective business strategy is more than just finding new and improved ways of getting new customers, it's also about implementing the type of business improvement techniques that stop waste and ensure higher levels of efficiency.

Waste is the real killer in business. It has been estimated that as much as 95% of our business processes are wasteful - that's a great mark for an exam, but pretty appalling if you don't want to pump money straight down a funnel. 

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Triaster Receives Two BPM Software Awards From FinancesOnline

Posted by Brad Fagan on 06/10/17 16:39

Triaster recently got favorable ratings from one of the top software review sites online. Our BPM software solution was examined by B2B directory and came through with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a user satisfaction rating of 95%.

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The Construction Industry's Efficiency Curse Needs Digital Transformation

Posted by Brad Fagan on 05/10/17 10:58

It's an interesting time in the construction industry. It is at the tipping point of digital transformation, which, according to many experts, equates to a 'digital construction revolution'. 

In the run-up to UK Construction Week next week and Digital Construction Week the following week, October seems like a pretty good month to talk about the influence digital transformation is having on the construction industry right now and make you aware of the '4th Industrial Revolution' and why the construction industry needs it badly.

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How to Create a Successful Business Process Improvement Model

Posted by Michael Cousins on 02/10/17 16:49

Since the introduction of software tools in the 1990's that enabled the desktop production of business diagrams, literally billions has been spent producing countless numbers of flowcharts, process maps and flow diagrams. But to what measure do they demonstrate a successful process improvement model?

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7 Useful Tips to Transition to ISO 9001 2015 [Infographic]

Posted by Brad Fagan on 27/09/17 12:10

Because it's now less than a year to go to become compliant with the latest ISO 9001 2015 quality standard, we are ramping up our efforts to get you ready.

Today's quality offering (pun intended) is an infographic with 7 'ISO transition tips' and a white paper written by ISO 9001 Standard expert Mark Braham (which you should really download and read now if you haven't already). 

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Why Your Process Improvement Project Plan is Failing

Posted by Brad Fagan on 21/09/17 12:49

You might have a process improvement project plan that's failing, or possibly just want to learn how to make sure it never fails; either way, in this article we identify why process improvement projects fail and what you might be getting wrong with your planning and implementation.

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20 Business Improvement Experts Give Their Golden Rule For Success

Posted by Brad Fagan on 19/09/17 16:11

 Recently, I asked 20 respected Business Improvement experts to give their view on the number one golden rule for achieving success with any Business Improvement project.

I wanted to see if there was

1: A consistent practice for business improvement success and;

2: A way of helping others to prioritise the most important aspects of improvement projects.

I am happy to say that you will be able to identify both in this article.

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