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Process Costing: A Simple Method to Find How Much Your Processes Cost

Posted by Michael Cousins on 21/06/17 11:42

In virtually every organization one of the key aims is to save your business money through process costing and the identification of more efficient processes. Cost is one example of a quantitative metric and the advice outlined in this article applies equally to any quantitative metric, for example one could just as easily focus on amount of effort involved, numbers of people, elapsed time from start to finish, the amount of defects introduced, the amount of customer complaints received and so on...

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Business Process Modelling: How to Capture Cost, Effort and Time

Posted by Michael Cousins on 07/06/17 12:15

Business Process Modelling is a surprisingly complex topic in Business Process Management (BPM) with many different approaches. In this step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide I will try to remove the complexity and also explore one approach that many Triaster customers have found useful.

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How to Avoid the Human Error Problem in Process Improvement Techniques

Posted by Terry Giles [Guest Post] on 02/06/17 11:25
Terry Giles, from Terry AG Consulting looks at a common problem of process improvement techniques - How people often  underestimate the complexity and how you can avoid this turning into a real problem for you and your organisation.
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How to be More Productive at Work: 5 Apps That Will Raise Your Game

Posted by Brad Fagan on 24/05/17 14:50

'How to be More Productive at Work?' That's the question every employee who cares about their job wants the answer to and the answer is a little bit more complicated than just 'stop being lazy'. The spectrum can include those who get distracted easily by shiny internet marketing and those who have trouble finishing tasks in a timely manner. 

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What are the 7 Wastes That are Killing Business Efficiency?

Posted by Michael Cousins on 17/05/17 14:34

The 7 wastes are activities identified in an organisation that do not add value but cost money. It is estimated that only 5% of our time actually adds value to the customer; if this indeed is true, it means that every company can learn from the 7 wastes of Lean manufacturing to cut out wasteful processes and increase the percentage of value adding processes.  

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Process Model VS Process Simulation: What's the Difference?

Posted by Michael Cousins on 28/04/17 11:31

No one wants to fall on the wrong side of risk and in today's tech dependant business climate there's also no need to. You can create a business analysis process model and run it through a process simulation before you ever take an actual change step in the 'real world'.

That sounds nice, safe and cosy doesn't it? There's no need to ride the line with risk when you can create a risk management process model. However, it's also important to establish first:

  • What a process model is;
  • What a process simulation is;
  • How they work together; and
  • How you can use it to build a case for change in your organisation
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What is Lean Six Sigma? Tools for Process Improvement

Posted by Michael Cousins on 20/04/17 10:24

There are several methods and practices for achieving process improvement, speed and complexity. In this article, I've focused on a popular one: Lean Six Sigma. This single improvement method is derived from two other powerful process improvement methods to help you increase the speed and effectiveness of your business processes. At Triaster, we understand that it can be difficult to achieve your business goals without a good framework to support your improvement projects - so we have displayed the benefits below of Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma.

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How to Build Your Own Process Improvement Project Plan - An Analysis

Posted by Brad Fagan on 13/04/17 15:45

So, you want to improve your business processes but you're in need of a process improvement project plan. Having a plan is very important for understanding the tools you need, the steps to take and the changes to make. Luckily, we have laid all of these out for you to follow.

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DMAIC Process vs Cycle: Why Process Wins Every Time

Posted by Michael Cousins on 11/04/17 14:18

DMAIC is a 5-step method for improving processes, and it is itself a process. However, it is nearly always described diagramatically as a cycle in terms of the Activities involved, these being:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control
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Employee Engagement is Critical Before the BMS Implementation Stage

Posted by Emma Harris on 07/04/17 17:43

The preparation time before a process improvement implementation is probably the most crucial time in the process. If you don't inform, involve and gain stakeholder support, then you might as well strap roller skates on and try climbing a hill - employee engagement in the early stages is critical.

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