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What is Lean Six Sigma? Tools for Process Improvement

Posted by Michael Cousins on 20/04/17 10:24

There are several methods and practices for achieving process improvement, speed and complexity. In this article, I've focused on a popular one: Lean Six Sigma. This single improvement method is derived from two other powerful process improvement methods to help you increase the speed and effectiveness of your business processes. At Triaster, we understand that it can be difficult to achieve your business goals without a good framework to support your improvement projects - so we have displayed the benefits below of Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma.

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Topics: Process Improvement

DMAIC Process vs Cycle: Why Process Wins Every Time

Posted by Michael Cousins on 11/04/17 14:18

DMAIC is a 5-step method for improving processes, and it is itself a process. However, it is nearly always described diagramatically as a cycle in terms of the Activities involved, these being:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control
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Topics: Process Improvement, Process Mapping

How to Get the Best Return on Investment From 6 Common Business Goals

Posted by Michael Cousins on 28/03/17 12:30

Of concern to senior managers in nearly all organisations is that resources are invested in those projects that deliver the best return on investment. The long term potential of an organisation rests in the ability of senior management to make these investment decisions well...

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Topics: Increasing ROI, Process Improvement

How to Produce a Process Improvement Model That's Actually Successful

Posted by Michael Cousins on 23/03/17 10:31

Since the introduction of software tools in the 1990's that enabled the desktop production of business diagrams, literally billions has been spent producing countless numbers of flowcharts, process maps and flow diagrams. But to what measure do they demonstrate a successful process improvement model?

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Topics: Process Improvement, Process Mapping

How To Share Standardised Business Processes Across Multiple Countries

Posted by Michael Cousins on 04/10/16 17:17

In the globalised world that we live in today, the question of how to share business processes across multiple countries and multiple language is a very real one. Global organisations often deliver their end-to-end processes across both several languages and several countries. In order to deliver a consistent, quality product or service, it is essential that they can share their business processes across several languages and countries too.

This article looks at how this can be achieved.

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How to Avoid Problems with Continuous Improvement by Taking a Business Process Management (BPM) Approach

Posted by Michael Cousins on 25/08/16 12:32

Continuous Improvement is the repeated modification of the ‘way we do things’, each modification moving the organisation closer to its improvement goals (whatever these may be).

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Topics: Process Improvement, BPM

How to Keep a Secure Management System and Open to Your Supply Chain

Posted by Michael Cousins on 18/08/16 14:25

Put simply, a key benefit of a Business Process Management (BPM) system is realised when a person references the information contained within it. The more often this happens, the more benefit is realised. So, sharing the content of a BPM system with your supply chain immediately increases the benefit of having the content in the first place. Similarly, sharing it with auditors, customers, business partners, joint venture partners and so on are all great ways of multiplying the ROI from creating the BPM system.

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Business Process Modelling: Time, effort and Cost Data in Process Maps

Posted by Michael Cousins on 09/08/16 11:17

Modelling, time, effort and cost in process maps is a surprisingly complex topic in Business Process Management (BPM), with many different approaches. In this article I shall explore an approach that many Triaster customers have found useful. I hope that you do too.

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How To Recognise Need For Control And Governance In Business?

Posted by Michael Cousins on 02/08/16 15:55

I have a favourite graph, a thing of great meaning and insight in relation to Business Process Management and the need for control and governance in business.

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What does Brexit mean for Quality Management and Risk Management?

Posted by Michael Cousins on 19/07/16 15:43

The United Kingdom's recent vote to leave the European Union is likely to have some very strong implications for quality and risk management. This article will explore some of the key areas that may be impacted by the referendum result and how business process management can help to mitigate any risks that might surface.

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