How To Run A Process Mapping Workshop (Video)

Brad Fagan

Are you about to boldly go where no process improvement professional has gone before in your organisation?

Then you'll probably need a video demonstration on how to carry that out right?

This isn't just mapping out a process, this is rounding up a group of professionals in your workplace who would probably prefer to be at home watching the latest episode of Sherlock.

So how do you do it? How do you go about running a successful process mapping workshop?

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The first step: get the materials.

The second step: get the people involved.

The third step: Make sure you advertise/have alot of free pizza.

To help you out with this, we have provided a short video demonstrating how to run a process mapping workshop

Wistia video thumbnail - Running a Process Mapping Workshop (1)

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Has that video wet your appetite for all things process mapping? Click on the infographic below to download our free process mapping report:

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Written by Brad Fagan

Brad joined Triaster in 2016 as our Content Marketing Executive hailing all the way from Middle Earth (the film version, not the book) – New Zealand. Brad’s video skills soon resulted in new weekly Triaster videos and his individual touch in some of the Connector and blog articles. In June 2018 Brad moved to Germany with his wife Lynn.