How To Process Map: A Tutorial (Video)

Brad Fagan

Process mapping can help you drive forward process improvement in your organisation and even make a pancake:


The opportunity for employing a process map appears to be endless.

With that in mind, if you have a Business Process Mapping system, or simply want to make your own processes a little more structured, you could learn how to create a process map in our process mapping tutorial.

In our video below, we have kept our process mapping steps at a 'high level' meaning that it's process mapping at its most basic form. 

If you have an automated system, you could include multiple drill downs  or continue across with another step.

For example, in this process mapping tutorial we explain how to 'make a hot beverage' but there's no reason you couldn't link this to the next process in the chain, 'consuming a hot beverage'.

We hope you find this video on 'How to Process Map' both informative and helpful:

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For more on process mapping, take a look at our free process mapping report below:

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Written by Brad Fagan

Brad joined Triaster in 2016 as our Content Marketing Executive hailing all the way from Middle Earth (the film version, not the book) – New Zealand. Brad’s video skills soon resulted in new weekly Triaster videos and his individual touch in some of the Connector and blog articles. In June 2018 Brad moved to Germany with his wife Lynn.