How to Calculate ROI on a Project Using Business Process Management (Video)

Brad Fagan

If you are trying to work out how to calculate ROI on a project, you may want to look at the potential cost savings that Business Process Management can provide - the results can be very surprising.

You might be trying to build a business case for a particular project but your struggling to quantify the potential benefits or you might be looking at calculating ROI purely for continual improvement purposes. Whatever the reason, you should watch this video to get a better understanding of:

A: Capturing Processes and Identifying their cost


B: Modelling change that could provide you with a serious ROI boost.

How to Calculate ROI on a Project: Asking the Right Questions

In the following video, we pose several questions in order to help current BPM users and surveyors understand the difficult areas, the ROI benefits and why it ultimately answers the question of 'how to calculate ROI on a project?'

The questions we answer in the following video are:

  • Why is calculating ROI on BPM so difficult?
  • How do you calculate direct ROI From BPM?
  • How do you determine cost savings made or increases in profit?
  • How does a BPM System drive efficiency?
  • How do you calculate Indirect ROI from BPM?

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 Before you watch the video below, I encourage you to also take a look at the infographic I created detailing how one company we work with modelled savings of £300k per year on just a single process or download our free Business Analysis White Paper detailing how your company can analyse, model and improve your processes.

We hope you find this video useful...

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So what's next?

For more on ROI, make sure you take a look at our blog detailing 6 business goals most organisations have and how you can get the best ROI from each of them...

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Written by Brad Fagan

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