Saving £300k With Business Process Management Software [Infographic]

Brad Fagan

If you weren't convinced of the business benefits of Business Process Management software before today, you might just change your mind after reading our infographic explaining some of the real ROI benefits.

Last year after performing a user survey, Gartner found that  80% of organisations conducting Business Process Management (BPM) projects will experience an internal rate of return better than 15%.

Reducing Waste and Saving Money With Business Process Management

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Of the 20 companies who responded to their survey, 55% had returns in the $100,000 to $500,000 range per BPM project.

At Triaster, we have helped many companies model their potential savings using process modelling and have collected data from one specific company to show you how much money you could be leaving on the table.

Using data from that company collected through process optimisation modelling to identify process improvement opportunities and implement change (which resulted in a measurable cost saving), we were easily able to calculate how much money per annum that business could be wasting every year - and how much they could be saving!

Before You Take a Look at the Infographic...

Take a look at the definitions below for As-Is and To-Be processes, which are included in the infographic analysis.

As-Is Process

An As-Is process is a visual representation of a business process in its current state. As-Is processes must be mapped before changes and improvements can be made.

To-Be Process

A To-Be process occurs as a result of an analysis of an As-Is process and should show the changes and improvements made to the original process It may be necessary to create multiple To-Be processes for business analysis and for use in process metrics

How Much Money Could You Potentially Save With BPM?

Now let's take a look at the infographic and the potential Business Process Improvement advantages one company modelled for one process used organisation-wide...


The Benefits of Business Process Improvement

Obviously, this case study was performed using just one example and as such should be seen as just that. However, what this is good for is demonstrating the amazing ROI potential that a Business Process Management software system could have on cutting your costs and saving you money - this is especially significant for big businesses with thousands of processes and procedures.

If you are trying to build a business case for why your organisation should prioritise budget for a BPM software system, this might not be such a bad study to show budget holders and if you are curious to know more about Business Process Management software and the potential business improvement value it provides, make sure you download the following Business Analysis White Paper...

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