This is How to Get the Best ROI From Process Mapping Software

Emma Harris

We all want to get the best ROI possible from any business purchases. Being sure of the value of purchases is critical to getting the best ROI from your process mapping software and convincing stakeholders to greenlight the purchase.

This video starts by outlining 13 benefits of purchasing process mapping software which are as follows:

  • To eliminate a single point of failure
  • To support the restructure of the organisation
  • To enable business transformational change
  • To enable return to business as usual
  • In order to implement Lean or Continual Improvement
  • To deliver on cost savings initiatives
  • To support business and IT alignment
  • To ensure knowledge retention
  • For process control
  • For risk management
  • As a mechanism for increasing revenue
  • As a mechanism for reducing waste
  • As a mechanism for improving quality

And finishes by explaining how to purchase the right software for your needs and how you can get the best ROI when you do finally make the decision to buy:

This is How to Get the Best ROI From Process Mapping Software:



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Written by Emma Harris

Emma was Operations Director for Triaster for nearly 20 years, during which time as well as learning and perfecting her BPM and process improvement skills, she honed her inbound marketing expertise. She now runs D2e - Designed to engage - which designs and develops bespoke, engaging, HubSpot CMS websites, that help your entire company to grow and scale. She is delighted to still be delivering Triaster's marketing, whilst also helping other companies turn their websites into their hardest working asset.