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Lynn joined Triaster in November 2017 as our Inbound Marketing Executive.

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How Cloud BPM Creates Business Process Improvement Opportunities

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 13/02/18 10:38

In the past decade, business process improvement technology has developed rapidly. In the face of such rapid expansion, Business Process Management software systems have had to grow and improve by offering cloud BPM services. Many organisations however, are not aware of the improvement opportunities of cloud-based BPM systems.

In fact, some organisations are still using paper-based processes, which is a little like showing up with a horse and cart to drag race a Ferrari. So if you want to understand more about how cloud BPM systems can offer a seriously needed performance boost to your business process improvement initiative then continue reading...

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Topics: Process Improvement

How to Implement Value Stream Mapping Software in a BPM System

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 24/01/18 09:49
If you are looking for examples of how to use value stream mapping software, you have come to the right place. In essence, Value Stream Mapping is a lean manufacturing technique which allows you to document, analyse and improve your business processes. 'Process', in this context, refers to the flow of information as well as materials required to produce a product or service for a potential consumer.
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Topics: Process Improvement, Process Mapping

The 7 Wastes of Service That Are Killing Business Efficiency

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 09/01/18 12:20

You may already be aware of the 7 forms of waste in the manufacturing industry, first defined by Toyota; but what about other industries where specific types of manufacturing waste isn't relevant? In this article, I explore the 7 wastes of service and how you can identify them to improve business efficiency.

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The Cost Savings Benefits of Business Process Management [An Analysis]

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 20/12/17 11:52

When looking at purchasing a BPM System, it can be hard to justify the investment when you aren't sure of the real potential benefits of Business Process Management software. 

Recently, the New Charter Group (one of Triaster's customers) provided us with their thorough cost savings analysis - which is why we are now able to show you what a potential organisational cost saving could look like and demonstrate why Business Process management is important.

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Topics: Increasing ROI, Process Improvement

How to Increase Staff Engagement and Ownership Over Business Processes

Posted by Lynn Dudenhoefer on 07/12/17 09:35

Triaster customers who are keen to increase staff engagement with their Business Processes tend to ask the same question: “How do I get people to take ownership of their processes?” Fortunately, having implemented Business Management Systems in various business arenas over the last few years, I have some golden rules to help you to achieve just that.

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Topics: Process Mapping, BPM

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