How Cloud BPM Creates Business Process Improvement Opportunities

Lynn Dudenhoefer

In the past decade, business process improvement technology has developed rapidly. In the face of such rapid expansion, Business Process Management software systems have had to grow and improve by offering cloud BPM services. Many organisations however, are not aware of the improvement opportunities of cloud-based BPM systems.

In fact, some organisations are still using paper-based processes, which is a little like showing up with a horse and cart to drag race a Ferrari. So if you want to understand more about how cloud BPM systems can offer a seriously needed performance boost to your business process improvement initiative then continue reading...

How Cloud BPM Creates Business Process Improvement Opportunities

The rise of cloud computing has influenced organisations all over the world to revisit how they attack the problem of business process improvement in order to cut waste in their business (e.g. time and cost) and streamline their processes.

Hosting BPM systems 'in the cloud’ simply means that you can store and access your BMS over the internet instead of your internal network. Consequently, there is no need for your organisation to provide any dedicated network attached storage (NAS) hardware or servers in order to implement a Business Management System.

A plenitude of benefits arise from cloud BPM like providing a faster, easily adaptable and more efficient environment for the user. 

For a real example of a cloud-based business improvement system (including the price of the system and the services associated with it), go to the Triaster Platform page.


The 6 Benefits of a Cloud BPM System

It is now possible to provide a secure and more user-friendly environment for making the transition from AS:IS (the business process as it stands now) to TO:BE (the improved business process model). Cloud-based BMS promises to improve agility, adaptability as well as user-friendliness of your business processes. In most cases, the benefits of Business Process Management software hosted in the cloud can be divided into six key points: 

  1. No Software licence management required
  2. No installation or set-up required
  3. No hardware, virtual machine or other infrastructure costs (storage, network usage etc.)
  4. No lengthy contractual commitments or capital outlay
  5. Trivially easy to scale up or down as required
  6. Process Mapping and design can be taken care of for you.

A cloud-based system means less organisational work for your team, as all aspects of Business Management System (BMS) ownership are taken care of. These can include:

  • Infrastructure (servers, network security, authentication,...)
  • Software (installation, upgrades, maintenance,...)
  • Support (help desk, hardware, OS updates,...)
  • Process Library administration
  • Process map production and maintenance
  • Design and bespoking

Due to the 'pay-as-you-go' subscription model, cloud-based BPM can also serve as a trial for organisations that first want to test the benefits of BPM software and therefore, do not want to commit to the on-premises solution yet.


The Challenges of Cloud-Based Business Process Management 

There are, without a doubt, a few questions that you should ask yourself and your team before implementing cloud BPM in order to prevent significant future process management struggles:

  1. Can cloud-based BPM systems manage your individual and business-specific processes? If not, are there other cloud-based BPM programmes available that can be tailored to your specific needs?
  2. How does the BPM system hosted in the cloud tackle the inherent compliance and security question? Does it offer advanced security measures that are above average?
  3. Is the cloud-based BPM system accompanied by good enough customer service in case you run into severe difficulties? 

At Triaster we believe that a Business Process Management system hosted in the cloud can be a great and easily manageable alternative for your business, for as long as you perform the appropriate research at the start.

If you're interested in learning more about how cloud-based BPM services can identify and create business process improvement opportunities - and especially about how it compares to an on-premises solution - please feel free to read about about your options here

An individualised break-down of the Triaster Online Platform and services (including pricing) can be found below:

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Written by Lynn Dudenhoefer

Lynn joined Triaster in November 2017 as the new Inbound Marketing Executive. Prior to her work with Triaster, Lynn worked in content management and studied at the University of Oxford. In June 2018 Lynn returned to Germany with her husband Brad.