The Big 3 Problems & Uses of BPM Software in 2017 According to Users

Brad Fagan

A recent research report from Software Advice uncovered two very interesting user trends – one uncovers the 3 major problems BPM software users are facing, the other deals with the 3 most important functions of BPM software according to users.

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Now let's take a look at the results of the user survey...

The 3 Most Important Functions of BPM Software – According to Users

Here are the top three critical BPM software capabilities:

  • 46% of users are using BPM software for Business Process Analysis
  • 44% for Analytics and Performance Management
  • 33% for Content Management

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Industries That are Leading the Way in Continual Improvement

More and more small and medium buisnesses are using BPM software for continual improvement. The industries leading the move toward more cutting edge business process improvement initiatives include:

  • financial services/insurance at 17%
  • manufacturing at 11%
  • and IT/software at 10 %

The Big 3 Problems Business Process Management Software Users are Facing in 2017

While the majority of BPM software users report they are “very” to “extremely” satisfied with their current software, those that do report problems point to the following challenges as being the most problematic:

  • A Non- intuitive interface
  • Integration issues
  • No mobile access

Watch the video for a full analysis and breakdown of these numbers and the continual improvement trends we can identify in 2017.



If you would like to learn more about how you can harness BPM software to deliver continual business improvement in your organisation then download our business analysis white paper below:

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