Triaster Business Process Management Review: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Jo Dolton

Over the past year or so, Triaster has introduced a new method of assessing customer satisfaction. Essentially, we are working to align the level of customer satisfaction with the things that are most important to our customers. That's why we  are now compiling customised Business Process Management reviews, that allow us to understand our customers' satisfaction against their expressed satisfaction criteria which enables us to deliver the best BPM platform and services we can.

In this article we explain our Business Process Management reviews, reveal the results thus far and encourage our customers to start the Customer Satisfaction Survey process (if they haven't already).

Business Process Management Review: Being Proactive, Not Reactive

At Triaster, we have long recognised that customer loyalty needs to be earned each and every day. We absolutely understand why ISO 9001:2015 identifies a consistent focus on customers as the first of seven quality management principles.

Rather than taking a blanket approach over the last year, we created a survey designed to our customers’ individual satisfaction criteria - so that we can then individually customise Triaster’s delivery model to meet their specific requirements in future.

Empowering Customers to Express Their Needs

A customer’s criteria may well change over time, which is why we schedule reviews to take place every six-to-nine months. There are no more than five satisfaction factors to decide on and then score each time. This way, it is a much less onerous task than filling out online forms.

We simply arrange a convenient time to talk through the important satisfaction points, (such as Responsiveness, Quality of support, etc.) and then later book another short call to review these and score them.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: Tailored to the Individual

So far, the feedback from customers who have gone through this process reveals that they have found it very useful. They appreciate stepping back from their day-to-day work in order to assess what they need from Triaster as a supplier.

The questions that matter are the simple ones: for example:

· Do you appreciate regular catch up calls?

· Do you find our responsiveness to your queries most important or are you more concerned about our ability to provide a solid product?

Different organisations, teams and people come with different preferences and needs, so there is no point in Triaster insisting on constant calls with a customer who wants to be left to their own devices – until they need help of course.

Equally, other customers who rarely find time to contact us about small queries or even support questions may love having a regular call booked-in.

Triaster Business Process Management Review Results

We are gaining really good insights into what makes our customers happy and we are pleased to say that we are already scoring highly on the top priority for many customers, namely providing a high level of fast and friendly responses to any queries or support issues that arise.

Of course there are other areas that, although we have scored fairly well in, we do need to improve on – after all, we are all about process improvement.

The overall results from the first year are as follows, based on weighted scoring of the most important to least important factors:

Satisfaction survey.png

Triaster Capterra Review Results:

Over the past few weeks, some of our customers have also been leaving reviews of the Triaster Platform and service on product review site Capterra.

Satisfaction survey-1.pngThis, along with our own customer satisfaction survey, has allowed us to understand what sets the Triaster Platform above the pack and what still needs to be worked on to ensure that we are always delivering an exceptional product that meets the needs of each of customer.

Satisfaction survey 2.pngWe would love it if you could find the time to leave your own review of Triaster on our Capterra page

Taking Process Improvement Seriously

Triaster is always striving to improve and as we gain an even clearer understanding of what our customers care about, we can do so more effectively.

If you haven’t already started the Customer Success process, please contact us at and we will be happy to arrange the initial criteria set up with you

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Written by Jo Dolton

Jo joined Triaster in 2003 and quickly became every customer's champion. If she is concerned for any reason that a customer might not be having the best possible experience, she will work tirelessly to ensure that they do. She left Triaster in September 2018 to work closer to home.