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The EFQM Excellence Model: Capturing Quality & Business Improvement

Posted by Victoria Glancy on 23/11/17 11:30

What makes organisations excellent? This is the question posed and answered by the EFQM Excellence Model which is the European standard for Quality. The point of quality is sustained and continuous improvement over time benefiting both the organisation and the customer which is why organisations have increasingly looked to implement quality focused initiatives such as the EFQM Model.

But what is the EFQM Model and why is it a necessary focus of business improvement?

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Topics: Quality, Process Improvement

Business Sustainability in Your Supply Chain: How it Can Benefit You

Posted by Victoria Glancy on 04/04/17 19:19

At last year's FM Supplier day, held by the Supply Chain SustainabilitySchool, Several of our customers, Interserve, Skanska and Bidfood, were presenting on their improvement initiatives in regards to corporate sustainability. These companies all have strong strategies striving to embed a sustainable culture – making sustainable practice part of their day-to-day business processes. A strong message of the day was ‘Sustainable practice is good business sense.’  Many companies have already jumped onto the sustainability bandwagon because of the shot in the arm it gives to ROI, reputation and the quality of the supply chain.

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Topics: Sustainability

How do I create a culture of Continuous Improvement?

Posted by Victoria Glancy on 24/05/16 14:41

Continuous Improvement is the objective of many organisations. It isn’t however something to be done, it is an approach or a culture and as such it can be hard to achieve. In this article I will explore ways to make its implementation both easier and successful.

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Topics: Process Improvement, BPM

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