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Ollencio D'Souza is the Managing Director of TechnologyCare, which focuses on making technology work for customers. Ollencio is a specialist in Computers, Networking, IP Video (analogue and digital), System architecture, Electronic design and diagnostics using electronic instrumentation, Development of in house integrated solutions using core OEM PSI and Video & Audio analytic technology. IoT Design and Construct (MQTT, LoRAWAN) and Business Process Modelling
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Improving the Physical Security Industry: Process Improvement Methods

Posted by Ollencio D'Souza on 03/01/18 13:10

Most Physical Security Industry blogs make a case for why other industries need Physical Security, but the future of the physical security industry relies on adapting to process improvement methods if it wants to stay relevant and develop a third eye that looks inward to improving business processes and harnessing the concepts of Continuous Improvement.

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