10 Reasons Why BPM is Important for Your Business Improvement Strategy

Emma Harris

To answer the question as to 'why BPM is important for your business improvement strategy' it is helpful to first look at the problem. The problem with business improvement is that it's an incredibly broad concept with all manor of voices offering 'best practice' and business improvement tools for success - it can be a needless time suck that offers very little real value.

Today's biggest business improvement hurdle has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the business improvement techniques we are investing our time into and the efficiency gains they are providing in the long run. This comes down to one important commodity...time and answering another important question...what is your time worth to you?

Business Process Management has become the centrepiece of any Business Improvement strategy because it has been tried, tested and refined for the last two decades. With all the increasing white noise and tech innovations surrounding the current Business Improvement landscape, it's important to remember that BPM still provides one of the best ROI benefits in terms of organisation-wide improvement and this in turn creates a strong argument for placing a BPM system at the heart of your organisations operations and devoting your time on making it a success.

According to a Gartner survey, 80% of organisations conducting BPM projects will experience an internal rate of return better than 15% and although many organisations need business process management, few understand the real benefits.

10 Reasons Why BPM is Important for Your Business Improvement Strategy:

1. Business Process Management Improves Efficiency

2. BPM Supports Employee Succession Planning and Knowledge Capture

3. It Provides a Framework for Continual Improvement...

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4. You Can Retire Your Paper-based System (and should)

5. BPM Supports the Implementation of Other IT Systems

6. It Will Help Your Organisation to Eliminate Silos

7. It Will Help You Establish an Effective Quality Strategy

8. You can make more reliable changes

9. Business Processes Management Systems Increase Employee Engagement

10. It supports and Underpins a Consistent Working Culture

Watch the video below for a full explanation of all 10 reasons why BPM is important for any modern organisation that is looking to streamline their business processes and make greater efficiency gains...

It's important to remember that unless you are willing to invest real time into adopting and making a BPM system a success within your organisation, you shouldn't even begin. Re-structuring organisations around the principals of Continuous Improvement and the software that will enable you to get there is more business transformation than business as usual. 

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Written by Emma Harris

Emma was Operations Director for Triaster for nearly 20 years, during which time as well as learning and perfecting her BPM and process improvement skills, she honed her inbound marketing expertise. She now runs D2e - Designed to engage - which designs and develops bespoke, engaging, HubSpot CMS websites, that help your entire company to grow and scale. She is delighted to still be delivering Triaster's marketing, whilst also helping other companies turn their websites into their hardest working asset.