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How to Process Map: A Simple Whiteboard Tutorial (Video)

Posted by Brad Fagan on 17/07/17 13:24
Brad Fagan

Business Process Mapping can be surprisingly complex and it can also relatively easy depending on what level you are mapping to, how you are capturing the process and what you are using it to show.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to process map in a simple and easy way, keeping the process high level while also providing you with all the information you need to map in a more complex manner.

How to Create a Process Map

There are many ways to capture a process but what I am going to show you is a basic process map on a whiteboard - a simple and easy way to make one (if you also have others involved with the mapping).

A topic we often use for our process mapping tutorials and the one we are using today is called 'make a hot drink', but you can use this same process mapping technique to capture any process in any organisation.

A Methodology for Creating Process Maps

The key things we will go over in the following video are:

 What are Deliverables?

What are Activities?

What are Decisions?

and why they are represented in different colours.

We also show how to use these three terms and their colours to show the steps in the process that have value, the steps that have no value and the decision points along the way. 

When you can display your processes in a process map, you will gain the ability to model more efficient ways of working - that's why it's such a useful skill to learn.

So, instead of just reading the words, why not click on the video below and watch me demonstrate how to map a process on a white board.

 Let's get on with it shall we? 

How to Process Map

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To learn about the shapes most commonly used in process maps click here.
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Brad Fagan

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