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Policy vs Process vs Procedure: What's the Difference?

Posted by Paul Elson-Vining on 12/12/17 14:47

One of the questions I have been asked on occasion concerns the comparison between policy vs process vs procedure and what the difference is? Over the years, I have created a lot of business management documentation and seen a great deal of processes, policies and procedures being created by Triaster’s customers. I know that deciding which information should be captured in which type of document, can be a real minefield for the author - so, in this article we answer the question:

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Topics: BPM

Process vs Procedure: How to Document Processes and Procedures

Posted by Paul Elson-Vining on 28/11/17 12:36

Over the years, while helping customers who have chosen to take a process based approach to their organisation's documentation, I have often been asked about the 'process vs procedure' problem - how to document processes and procedures. I am also asked, when documenting information, what should be documented as a process and what should be documented as a procedure?

The whole Process vs Procedure topic can get quite tricky, so I have provided two examples that clearly show the difference between the two when it comes to displaying organisational information as a process map or procedure.

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Topics: Process Mapping

The Importance of Process Quality Control: A Quick Case Study

Posted by Paul Elson-Vining on 31/05/17 11:47

I was talking with an auditor recently who had visited an organisation which did not hold process quality control as a primary concern, saying they had too many other things to worry about. When asked how much mistakes cost, the answer was ‘not a lot’. The auditor wanted to see if they could get the customer to re-evaluate their position.

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Topics: Quality

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